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Donna Michaels: Courageously Broken! Combating PTSD

Donna is a US Navy veteran, a policewoman, and a rape survivor! She's been living with undetected PTSD nearly all her adult life, and now she's finally getting over it, with the support of her faithful protector: her service dog Saint. She details the process in her book Courageously Broken

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Courageously Broken | Higher Line Podcast #129

Mickey talks with special guest Donna A. Michaels, a Navy veteran who supported Navy SEALS in Panama, law enforcement officer and mother. She recently published a memoir, "Courageously Broken," that shares her struggle with PTSD and recovery.

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From Embers to Excellence Podcast - With D.A. Michaels

D.A. Michaels, author of “Courageously Broken,” is a veteran of the United States Navy and a veteran law enforcement officer. We discuss her book, which is a memoir about the adversity she has had to overcome in her life. Donna shares some of the traumatic events she experienced as a child, as a young sailor, a mother, and as a law enforcement officer. We discuss PTSD and her dog Saint. Donna shares some great stories that are sure to make you smile if not laugh, along with some that may bring a tear to your eye.  

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