Courageously Broken
Courageously Broken

Courageously Broken

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Courageously Broken is a memoir about overcoming the adversities that life often hands us. Take a journey through the life of D.A. Michaels who flees a small town and abusive father by joining the Navy only to find herself working side by side with Navy SEALs in the jungles of Panama.

When a series of tragedies strike, they leave us with scars that cut deep. If we don’t properly process these traumatic events and instead, compartmentalize them as we often do, one day, when we least expect it, they will catch up to us and bring us to our knees.

That is what happened to Donna Michaels. As a military veteran and law enforcement officer she set out to make the world a better place. But after years of suppressing her own traumas and witnessing countless others, it took a toll and brought a vibrant exhilarating woman into a darkness she never knew existed.

All her life she had been credited with being resilient and strong. She struggled to understand why after years of life experience and all the coping mechanisms she had learned she couldn’t bounce back and move on.

Courageously Broken is about the adventure of life. The good, the bad and the journey into hell and back. Readers have said they have laughed, cried and been grateful to see the world through the eyes of a veteran and law enforcement officer.